Archival Structure One [Version Two] – Art Shanty

2006, Medicine Lake, Minnesota


The second version of Archival Structure One [3-Frequency Geodesic Dome] was constructed as part of the second annual Art Shanty Projects. During three weeks in January, artists form a temporary village of self-designed-and-constructed ice-fishing houses.


Archival Structure One – 3-Frequency Dome

9’x 12’x 12’. Mixed Media. 2006.

After the initial installation of Archival Structure One [3-Frequency Geodesic Dome], the one hundred sixty struts comprising the dome were made available for "conservation" to a variety of potential recipients [friends, family, colleagues, gallery patrons]. Fifty are currently distributed, thirty were "lent" by their conservators for this installation. Twenty, for a variety of reasons, could not be recovered. The dome in this version shows clear signs of compromised integrity resulting from the twenty absent pieces.