Archival Structure One [Version Two] – Art Shanty

2006, Medicine Lake, Minnesota


The second version of Archival Structure One [3-Frequency Geodesic Dome] was constructed as part of the second annual Art Shanty Projects. During three weeks in January, artists form a temporary village of self-designed-and-constructed ice-fishing houses.


Archival Structure One – 3-Frequency Dome

9’x 12’x 12’. Mixed Media. 2006.

Constructed using the original struts from Archival Structure One [Version One]. Fifty of the one hundred sixty separate struts had been given away to a variety of "conservators". Thirty of these fifty were recovered for the second version. In this iteration, the dome was sheathed with over 100 plastic bags, each the result of my personal consumption between the years 2001 and 2005.