Collaborate on Archival Structure 5

Archival Structure 5: Bricks is an unlimited edition of boxes created using paperboard and vacuum-formed plastic resulting from my own consumer purchases. The interior of each box is divided into two cells that are viewable through a clear plastic window.

After constructing a box, I place one item of personal ephemera in the left-hand cell of the box (as viewable through the window). This is what I call a 'junk-drawer' item: something that has no use or has become obsolete yet is somehow difficult to throw away.

After an installation of Archival Structure 5, the bricks are made available for "adoption." Anyone may take possession of a brick, with two provisos:

People who are amenable to these conditions become "collector/collaborators." They contact me and choose a box they have seen in an installation (each box is numbered) or have a box assigned to them at random.

Example of a brick (top) and its reverse form (bottom)

The bricks are designed to be reversible, acting as their own mailers. Once the box is turned inside out, the divider is removed from the interior and taped over the clear window, making the brick into a plain brown, gray or white box that can be mailed for about $2.00 U.S. When an opportunity arises to show Archival Structure 5, I ask each collector/collaborator to reverse the box, place two dollars worth of stamps inside the box (for the return postage), apply $2.00 worth of stamps, and mail it either to me, or directly to the venue.

After an installation ends, I reverse the boxes and return them to their respective recipients. After the first collaborative event, recipients are free to participate as frequently or rarely as they wish.


If you are interested in becoming part of this project, please contact me at:

Check back again for future collaboration opportunities!